Mobile App Development

Apps for productivity, profitability and more

Apps power-up your lifestyle. It changes the way you collaborate and communicate with your peers as well as your dear and near – at work, at home or at play. At Sarayo we blend complex functionality with beautiful design and better usability. We bring to you a seamless integration of cross-device and cross-platform solutions topped with app discovery and mobile analytics.

Sarayo’s Mobile App Development Solutions

  • Android App Development

  • iOS App Development

  • Hybrid Apps on PhoneGap/Titanium/ Ionic

  • App Discovery, Analytics and App Store Optimization

  • Community / Social Apps on Mobile

  • Integrated Cloud/Web Services

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Mobility Solutions : Platform Expertise

Mobile Apps for Audience Engagement and Productivity

Apps with in-built advertising revenue

Can a mobile app show a customized ad banner on any given day based on your past engagement/association with the brand? Yes. At Sarayo, we integrate revenue streams and conversion metrics to consumer apps – so that businesses benefit as much as the users do.

Utility-driven consumer apps

By 2018, it is predicted that the world will have 2.5 billion smartphone users. With advanced technology at their disposal, now is the right time for Utility Companies to initiate the development of next-generation apps that will redefine customer experience.

Business Productivity Apps with MIS

Be it B2C or B2B – mobile apps today are available for every business function and role. What’s important is to quantify the KPIs and measure the RoI on these apps. Sarayo helps businesses integrate analytics and MIS to generate tangible reports and results from their mobile apps.

Enterprise Apps

Building business intelligence with mobility

At Sarayo, we develop mobile apps that align to your business strategy and equip you with the right tools to make better-informed decisions with deeper insights and analytics. If you are new to the mobile medium, we help you get started - right from analysing the needs of your business, to automating business functions, increasing customer touch points and providing tangible results.

Sarayo’s Expertise in Enterprise Mobility

  • Mobile Sales Kit / Product Portfolio Apps

  • Geo-mapping and Localization

  • Digital Asset Library / Sales Collateral

  • Product Configurators / Customization

  • Audience Engagement & Gamification

  • App Discovery, Promotion and Marketing

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A mobile-enabled enterprise is always on-the-go


Field Force and Customer Sales

Mobile Field Force Automation offers faster time-to-market, increased sales efficiency, and building effective brand equity. With BYOD (bring-your-own-device) becoming popular by the day, many enterprises are looking to increase productivity with apps that allow instant access to information and quicker decision-making.

SCM / CRM Mobility Solutions

The integral facets of the supply chain and customer relationship management in an enterprise are further enhanced and improved by scale with mobility. Businesses can take full advantage with apps that bridge gaps and keep the supplier and customer network closely connected in real-time.

HR / M-Learning Solutions

Employee Training and Development has also evolved from e-learning to learning on-the-go with the mobile platform. Apps are now integrated with attendance sheets, timesheets, assessments, performance review and appraisals and HR Audits building an all-inclusive employee development framework.


From window shopping to screen shopping

Retailers are currently heavily investing in taking their stores online and on mobile as much as possible. With increasing customer confidence in shopping online and paying using mobile banking, e-commerce is fast giving way to m-commerce. Brands cannot ignore the burgeoning multi-mobile device adoption by today’s consumer who prefers to shop-select-swipe.

Integrating Online payments with Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Shopping Cart Solutions for Retail

  • Pay-as-you-go for service-based companies

  • Subscription-based recurring payments

  • Payment/SMS Gateway Integration

  • Donations/Fund-Raising apps for NGOs

  • E-Commerce on Mobile – Strategy, Design and Development

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Sarayo’s Mobile-first approach to E-Commerce


A mobile-online store for retail brands

Shopping is still about convenience. Successful shopping is more about the experience. A customer’s journey right from click through to sale, shipping to delivery and the overall brand experience is what determines (and ensures) a brand’s success.

Secure Payments on Mobile

While concerns of fraudulent transactions have worried businesses, the gap is shrinking with dual-verification and OTP solutions that have instilled confidence in today’s mobile shopper. Thanks to mobile banking, you can now transact at ease with just a tap or a touch.

Customer Revenue and Retention Model

Our work in the digital domain, e-commerce and online marketing world has taught us about the importance of having a strategic revenue model built on the strong foundation of a repeat customer. We try to incorporate this principle when providing mobile e-commerce solutions to clients.